Documented Works of Ray Green

Documented Works of Ray Green

Four Preludes for Piano Solo; Quartet; Prelude in F-Sharp Minor;
Andante Energico; Song for Tenor, 1927

Riogoros for Violin and Piano; Declamation for Viola and Piano;
Prelude; Seven Eight Time; Andante for Viola and Piano; Lento
for Violin and Piano; Song for Baritone, 1928

Suite Ironico; Lento; Allegro; Suite for Violin and Piano; Suite
for Viola and Piano; Beautiful Women; Music Notebook, 1929

Dances for Piano; Perronik; Song of Saul; Rondo Patetico;
Five Finger Etude; Gypsy Pieces; Allegro for Violin and Piano, 1930

Suite in the Form of Theme and Variations; Some Cadences for
Piano; Contrapunctus; Four Preludes; A Mood; Theme; Break of
Day; Hey, Nonny No! 1931

Set of Piano Pieces for a Man Puppet; Pieces for String Quartet;
Structures and Proclamations; Song; Song of Saul; Upstream; To
Lucasta; To You (Whitman) 1932

Sea Calm (madrigal); Sonatina; Five Epigramic Romances for
String Quartet; String Quartet; Five-Part Canons in Five Movements;
“An American Agon” Sonata; Sonatina Brevis for Piano; Two Madrigals;
Break of Day; Chivalric Love (madrigal); To the Moon; One Invention
and Ten Fugues; Caution to Poets, 1933

The entire issue of “New Music Quarterly”, by Henry Cowell, was
devoted to Green’s piano and vocal music; Festival Fugues; An
American Toccata; Four Short Songs; “The Birds”; “I Loved My Friend”
(revised in 1970); Upstream; Fifteen Preludes; Fugues and Inventions in
Classic Style; Sonatina for Piano; Four Short Songs; Songs to Children’s
Poems; Some Pieces for String Quartet; Three Inventories on a Texas Tune,

Revision of “I Loved My Friend”; Overture, March and Finale; Iphigenia
in Taurus, 1935

Holiday for Four; An American Bouree; Three Inventories of Casey Jones;
Festival Fugues; An American Toccata; Pieces for Children: Piece to Begin,
March, Melody, Piece to End; Early Gothic and Then On, 1936

“Adam Lay i-Bowndyn”; Care Away, Away, Away; Hymn Set for Two
Pianos; Early Gothic and Onward; Of Pioneer Women (dance): (Westward
The Women, Markers on the Trail, Jubilation for a Frontier); Electra
(incidental music for Blanche Yurka); Concertina for Piano and Orchestra;
American Pastorale; Prelude and Fugue; Jig for a Concert; Songs to
Children’s Poems, 1937

Plainsong (Veni Sancte Spiritus); Fanfare and Processional Dance (for Martha
Graham); Walkaround from American Document (Graham dance); Westron
Wind; My Sister, She Works; “At the Feet O’Jesus”; Beachcomber
(blues for jazz dancer on Pantages Circuit, choreography by Roberta Jonay),

“Lullaby myn lyking” (Christmas carol); An American Bouree; Fanfare
Opening (prelude to What So Proudly We Hail (dance); Union Wives (satire);
Three Inventories of Casey Jones for Piano and Orchestra (dance); Sunday
Sing Symphony; Processional Dance for Symphonic Band; Holiday for
Four (chamber quartet; Theme; This Story is Legend (dance); Jig for a
Concert (dance); Rondo Running Set (dance), 1939

What So Proudly We Hail (Fanfare Opening, Cornerstone, Of Pioneer Women,
Sarah Goes A-Courtin’); Hymn Tunes (dance) (Markers on the Trail, Sweet
Solitude, Sweet Song); Our Rivers, Our Cradles (dance) (River Primeval, River
of Wrath, River of Desolation, River Song); Dance Set (dance), Jig Time;
Epilogue (from cornerstone); Theme and Variations; Songs to Children’s Poems
(additional); Concertante for Viola, 1940

On American Themes (dance, Curtain Riser); This Story Is Legend; Three
Women (War Lyrics); Three Inventories of Casey Jones; Theme for “This
Story is Legend” (dance); Preludes and Fugues; New Set; Concertante
For Viola; Conversation with a Cloud; An American Rigaudon; Theme and
Variations (dance), 1941

Hymn Tunes for Group, 1942

Tombstones and Headstones (for chorus and cantor with orchestra);
Suspension (dance), 1943

Hymn Tunes for String Quartet; Jig Tune for Orchestra; Ballad for
Americans (soldiers group), 1944

Opus One; Short Symphony in A; Country Dance Symphony; Westron
Wind; Theme and Variations; Running Set; Children’s Songs, 1945

Concertante for Viola and Orchestra; Kentucky Mountain Running
Set (for school bands); Opus Two (a symphony with episodes and a
finale); Praeludium; Theme and Variations; New Set; Sunday Sing
Symphony (for trio and orchestra); Concerto for Piano and Orchestra;
Westron Wind (for chorus and soloist); Our Rivers, Our Cradles (River
Primeval, River of Wrath, River of Desolation, River Song), 1946

Passacaglia on an original hymn tune; Praeludium; Theme and
Variations (a passacaglia with eleven variations); Rondo Running
Set; New Set; Concertante; Children’s Songs; Dance Set (a Rigaudon,
pastoral nocturne); new American Bouree, 1947

Jig Theme and Six Changes (for band); Short Sonata in F for Piano;
Jig Theme and Three Changes for Strings and Piano, 1948

Folksong Fantasies (for trumpet and band); Footsteps Echo in
Memory (supplants Forsaken Garden in 1978 and 1979); Concluded
Lives; Praeludium (dance) Horizon Song (dance); Fanfare in Jig
Time (dance) Fortress of Tragedy (dance), 1949

Duo Concertante for Violin and Piano; Rhapsody for Harp and
Orchestra; Three Choral Songs; Corpus Christi; Short Symphony
In A; Ray Green Piano Courses; Dance Energies(dance); Fugues and
Interludes, 1950

Short Sonata in F; Teaching Sonata Series: Horizon Song (dance), 1951

The Queen’s Obsession (dance) Sonata #1, 1952

Dance Sonata for Two Pianos; Short Symphony in A; Ray Green
Piano Courses; Two Sets of Etudes and Variations (Hanon); Dance
Sonata (dance), 1953

Revisions, 1954

Short Sonata in D for Piano; Twelve Inventions for Piano Solo 1955

Summer Sunset; Rhapsodic Interlude; Pieces for Children;
Cowboy Sonatina; March Sonatina; Polka Sonatina; Song Sonatina
Square Dance Sonatina, 1956

Short Sonata in D for Piano (dance); Footfalls Echo in Memory (dance);
Dance Sonata #2 (dance); Inventions (dance), 1957

Dance Energies (dance); Rhapsodic Interlude; Children’s Songs;
Summer Smoke; Western Sky; Dance Sonata #2 (dance), 1958

Three Dance Energies; The Queen’s Obsession (revised);
The Haunted (dance), 1959

Hymn Tune Set for Two Pianos; Ray Green Piano Books for Young
Pianists; books A, B, C, and D; Piano Teacher Series; Sonatina
Series; Teaching Sonata Series; Children’s Songs; Polka Sonatina
#2, #3; Scotch Sonatina, 1960

Children’s Songs (Ballerina Waltz, Happy Holiday, Offbeat Polka,
Olympic Star, Rag Doll Waltz, Raindrops, Rainy Day, Toymaker’s
Shop); Sunday Sing Symphony (dance), 1961

Short Sonata in C for Piano Solo; Prelude Blues; American Sonatinas
Dance Scherzos (dance), 1962

Sabbatical from composing, 1963-1970

Revision of “I Loved My Friend” (1935); revison of Short Sonata
in D; Prelude and Nocturne, 1970

New finale for Dance Energies; Short Symphony in F 1973

Short Symphony in C; Short Sonata in D (revision) 1974

Forsaken Garden ( to Debussy) 1975

Revisions 1976

Pursuit of Happiness (dance compilation of big band tunes) 1977

Prelude and Nocturne; Vibrations (dance); Sonata in D 1978

In Praise of…; Short Symphony in C 1979

Short Sonata in B-flat (dance); Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
III; Powers of Ten (dance), 1980

Fanfare and Devotion (dance) 1981

Summer Sunset; “There is a Time…” (dance); Rhapsodic Interlude;
Prelude Blues; Three Dance Energies; Songs to Children’s Poems;
Holiday for Four; Innocence (dance), 1983

Concerto in D for Piano and Orchestra; Twelve Sonatas for Piano 1985

Completed version of Sonata in B-flat; Sonata in F 1987

Sonata in B-flat; Dedications to Chopin, Debussy, and Stravinsky;
Etude for Igor (Stravinsky); Etudes and Scherzos (one of six), 1988

Symphony in C (completed) 1991

Concerto in D (completed) 1992

Symphony in F; Praeludium; Theme and Variations; Short Sonata
in B-flat #2, 1993

Concerto in D; Kentucky Mountain Running Set for Band, 1994

American Sonatinas for Symphony Orchestra, 1995